Share Your Ideas

Seattle Parks and Recreation wants to hear from you! How can we support our community as we implement our Strategic Plan? Your input will help us identify critical needs and priorities as we plan for the next three years and beyond.

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Share Your Ideas
Did you or your family use Seattle Parks and Recreation programs and spaces during the pandemic? If so, how did you participate? (Select all that apply)
Have you experienced barriers when trying to participate in Seattle Parks and Recreation programs? (Select all that apply)
What are you or your family most excited about as we move toward reopening our facilities and community spaces? (Select up to three)
What types of programming would best support you as Seattle continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic? (Select up to three)


We want to make sure our parks and facilities are safe, welcoming, and easy to navigate. How important are the following features to you and your family?

Outdoor programs and activation (e.g., outdoor fitness, nature walks, community events)
Art installations and performances in parks
Staff presence in the park (i.e., staff at kiosks to answer questions, historic tours)
Security staff or park rangers
Directional signage to support wayfinding and navigation
Improved sightlines, lighting, and other physical improvements
Childcare services
Staff and volunteers who reflect the community they serve
Addressing the impacts of homelessness in parks


SPR wants to make sure our recreation programs are offered at convenient times. When do you tend to engage in recreation activities (with SPR or elsewhere)? (Select all that apply)
We are also evaluating where we offer recreation services, both indoors and outdoors. How much time are you willing to spend traveling to participate in your preferred recreation activity? (Select one)
How would you likely travel to participate in programs or visit our parks and open spaces? (Select all that apply)
SPR is committed to providing excellent service by supporting our staff through training and professional development. Where should we focus our efforts? (Select up to three)
Which of the following would be most helpful to you in response to more extreme weather events such as heat, wildfire smoke, or cold temperatures? (Select one)
What changes would you like to see SPR make to address climate change and help reduce our carbon footprint? (Select all that apply)
SPR is interested in improving our feedback loop with communities we serve. How can we better reach you? (Select all that apply)


We want to learn more about you. Demographic information helps us learn more about the communities we serve and ensure our priorities meet the needs of a diverse and growing population. All questions are optional.

What is your age? (Select one)

What is your race/ethnicity? (Select all that apply)

What is your race/ethnicity? (Select all that apply.)

Asian American/​Pacific Islander American
American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish
Middle Eastern or North African
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
What is your race/ethnicity? (Select all that apply.)

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